Sick and tired of my job in the drilling industry, I simply wanted to create great food. Great food always reminds me of my Nan. You could always guarantee when at Nan and Pop’s, Nan would have made something amazing. I wanted to do my Nan proud.

My first stint was working in a bakery but the hours weren’t optimal, I mean who wants to start work at 2am? Not me that’s for sure! The opportunity presented itself for me to work for a confectionery business just east of Adelaide. There, I met Paul a man with over 60 years experience in the confectionery industry. Paul and I were not friends but over time he became my mentor and taught me everything he knew that he had learnt from his own Grandfather.

The idea of creating my own confectionery business started in 2016. I decided to make confectionery and chocolates to sell at local markets. Originally established as Littlebear Sweets, a split within the business meant a new start and a new brand. Many sugars, nuts and fudges later, Fudging Confectionery was born.

From brittle to rocky road, speckles to marshmallow, all products are made by me! That means everything is made by hand from start to finish, from cutting and mixing the ingredients to tempering the chocolate. I wanted to be different, I wanted to make Fudging Great Confectionery.